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Silviane & Roy
Tired of online dating? Don't quit just yet " )
Do you think you have been on this online dating for waaay too long? With no significant results? Don’t quit just yet. Take a break if you need…Well, this is our story: I (FaithNHope4Ever) got divorced in 2000. Being a LDS and having a temple marriage, it was a huge struggle. Same thing with Roy (SleeplessinUtah). Even with few years apart, we tasted the deep sadness of being divorced amidst the Mormon community….NOT in Utah. If you’re not a Mormon, I guarantee you: it’s very traumatic. If you ...  Read More
To Be Married 12/2011
Corrine & Shane
I am a 36 year old single mom who has endured bad relationship after bad relationship. Someone told me about POF and I decided to try it out. I started chatting with a few people, but no one really interesting enough to get serious. Shane messaged me out of the blue and I checked out his profile...he was cute and fun to talk to so we met that night! I couldn't wait for him to get to my house. He pulled up and I swear it was love at first sight. We totally hit it off! The next day he came back ov...  Read More
Married 7/2013
Trevi & Erick
Another POF success story!
After years of moping, being lonely, and basically giving up on men, my BFF convinced me to set up a POF profile. *I* was one of the lucky ones - I found my prince on the first day. He and I were in very similar situations, have had very similar pasts, and were both looking for exactly what the other had to offer. Erick is truly a godsend, and I'm a lucky girl to have caught him! ;)
Trevor & Tiffany
POF helped us "catch" each other!
We met on POF and immediately fell in love!! Thank you POF!
Married 8/2013
Casey & John
We gave up!!!
John messaged me first one night and it started from there!! We talked/texted the first night untill 4 am!! When i first met him was a little crazy things slowed down and i have been by his side every day!! he makes me smile and is the sweetest i always laugh when he is around thanks markus!!!
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