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Chasity & Ray
I was about to give up on this site when i got a message saying how wonderful my profile was and would i be interested in getting to know more about each other..... well im happy to say that after almost a year later we are now happily married and enjoying our new family and life together! Thank you POF!!!!!!!
Married 4/2013
Dan & Louella
We're getting married!
We would like to thank you for this website bringing us together and now we are getting married next year! Thanks to internet we are starting a family and the rest of our lives together!
Married 7/2014
Sean & Jennifer
Never met one like her
After years of the wrong women and the alone time in between I finally met Jenn. She is the best woman I have ever known. We began living together about 3 or 4 months after we began dating because we both felt a connection that we had never felt with other people. Like we have known each other for years. while living together we faced financial difficulties, and emotional difficulties with the death of my father and one of her grandmother and we became a stronger couple because of it all. I almo...  Read More
Married 8/2013
Vanessa & Anthony
<3 True Love <3
After being recommended by friends, we both signed up for POF to see if we could find love. Low and behold, when I was online one day a profile popped up of a man's face. The smile melted my heart. Anthony's profile made me literally lough out loud!! After messaging for a month and text messages and phone calls, we decided to have our first date. IT had snowed so it was beautiful outside! While we were at the restaurant, we were talking so much that neither one of us really ate our dinners ...  Read More
Married 6/2013
Kerry & Brendon
I fished my wish!
We met on May 11 at a restaurant and have fallen in love over the last year. Could not have found a more perfect match. God brought us together on this website. Now planning a destination wedding for next spring :) Pardon the brevity-our story is very romantic but I'm just typing on my phone.
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