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Airel & Matthew
True love
Hi me and matthew started to talk on plenty of fish the first time we met was a little before my birthday. And we instantly fell in love with each other. We have so much fun together. We got engaged on July 3rd in front of 4,500 people. We got married on August 4th 2012 and it was the most magical day of our lives. We just want to say thank you Pof
To Be Married 8/2012
Kelly & Garry
Soul mates at last
We both had never met or dated anyone from plenty of fish Gary was too shy to mail anyone and I found him though the like to meet app on here, he had looked at my profile a few times and I had stated that I didn't want men over the age of 40 I saw his picture and just had to compliment him on not looking 42, he replied to my message because he said I was so polite and it was such a nice thing to say! I was really kicking myself because I new there was something about him and he must of thought h...  Read More
Married 5/2013
Sidney & Meredith
Equal Love!
I never thought as a lesbian from a small town in Texas I would ever find the "one". I didn't think people could love like you see in the movies and read in books. I met my fiance on POF and it changed me. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met. We connect on a deeper level than I could of ever imagined. POF gave us the freedom to get to know each other before ever meeting in person. We messaged everyday all day long for a few months and then decided to meet in a public setting with fr...  Read More
Married 10/2014
Taylor & Shaunsei
Marine Love Story
The man I met on POF is now my husband. He was a Marine deployed in Japan and I was girl who had got my heart broken. My friend set me up with a POF account, I had no clue how it worked or that she even did it until I received tons of emails. This creepy, one particular man kept messaging me, I gave it shot. We ended up skypeing, face timing and chatting until his 8 month deployment was over. When he returned, I surprised him at the base he was stationed at. We spent every weekend together even ...  Read More
To Be Married 12/2012
Debra & Dan
If you like pina coladas and dancing in the rain.
Wow we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary of our first meeting. We found each other on fish...or he found me. Persistence pays off...Dan took the first step and said hello petty lady...I said hi...this happened several times before I said anything else. He was just about to give up...when I said just a little more. We soon share more info...then texted...then talked on phone. Because we lived in different towns and miles separated us we didn't meet for about a month. He lives in my old home tow...  Read More
To Be Married 9/2012
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