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Rebecca & Anthony
My Country Song
I tried POF bc it was free! I wasn't going to pay to meet men after all I wasn't bad looking or crazy so I figured some one normal would find me!!! I was a single mom at the time and was open for long distance relationships. I wanted a guy that could make me laugh, tell me when I was being nuts and to know that with all the bagage both of us would bring into the relationship that it was REAL. Anthony was stationed as a Marine in Quantico VA which was about 2 hrs from where I lived and he was g...  Read More
Married 9/2010
Debbie & Troy
So i first joined POF because I was either always at school or at home with my child and I hardly got to go out and meet people so figured why not try this. Well I was getting pretty frustrated because I was having no luck and the guys I met just werent 'the one' for me and I was about to delete my page but thought "eh ill just keep it up for ONE more week.." and within that same week Troy sent me a goofy but totally sweet message that set his apart from the other messages i'd recieved. We talke...  Read More
Married 1/2013
Michelle & Mitch
Back in September of 2011 a friend of mine suggested that I join POF and I told them that there was no way in the world I would EVER join a dating site. I mean ... why? I am a good looking woman who takes care of herself and who has never had a hard time finding people to date.... the trouble I was having though is just that .... on my own I was able to find someone to casually date once and awhile but I was never able to find that person that I was always meant to be ... so even though I was sk...  Read More
Pat and I began communicating via POF, and talked for awhile before meeting for the first time. I live in Campbellton, NB and Pat lives in Miramichi, NB. Our mental connection was out of this world and we both felt it very strongly. We bonded and committed to eahcother mentally way before we even met physically. We continued chatting each day and evening the first week or so. Very funny thing is that the day before we met, Pat told me that he had a date.. and I told him that I felt very confid...  Read More
Trish & Matt
My life finally started..
In the beginning of 2012 I decided this would be my year to start living my best life ever. I began doing things I enjoyed and really cared about. A few months into the year I had made some awesome improvements in my life, but I felt like I should have someone special to spend my time with. I had no idea where to look, but my best friend told me to try pof and I figured, what do I have to lose? I joined mid April and I received multiple emails right away. I am pretty picky, so I didn't reply t...  Read More
Married 4/2014
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