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Missy & Jared
A Great Catch in a Sea of Fish
I had been off and on Plenty of Fish for a year or two and hadn't had much luck. I'd only met one person and that didn't work out. I was beginning to seriously doubt online dating sites even worked. One day I got an email saying Jared wanted to meet me. His screen name sounded similar to another user with whom I'd previously spoken, but had no success. I almost didn't even check out his profile but something told me to. I found we had a lot in common, and he was cute! I usually didn't message gu...  Read More
Married 3/2013
William & Danielle
There may be plenty of fish but we found our KEEPER!!
We had been out of serious relationships and had been just dating different people. Both of us were sick of the bar scene and heard from friends about POF. As expected misleading profiles and pictures were some negatives we experienced during online dating. Than I found Danielle on POF back in early February 2011. We messaged back and forth on here for a bit. We than talked on the phone every night for like two weeks. Our first date was just casually getting drinks at a local lounge. Two years l...  Read More
Married 3/2013
Leesa & David
I caught the best!
After years of dating guys who continually treated me like crap over and over again I had given up hope. I had made my pof profile a year or so before but after the repeated let downs of the men I met I was at a breaking point. I was giving up completely. Then I got a message from David and right away I could feel something was different. We talked for a couple weeks before meeting up and started to form a bond. Our first date is one I will never forget. It was his eyes that hooked me. I could t...  Read More
Married 11/2013
Leane & Darren
Match made in heaven!
Darren had just had his profile put on POF by his 16 year old son, I had been on POF for a while and noticed Darren's profile, I sent him a message and we had a brief chat online, we then text each other all day and Darren rang me that night, we spoke for an hour and arranged to meet in the morning. The next morning we met and chatted for half an hour, Darren text me half hour after leaving from our meeting telling me I seemed like a very nice lady and could we have lunch together, we met for lu...  Read More
Matthew & Katie
Well where do I begin with this story? Kate and I had our first date on July 13th, 2012. I could not have asked for a better first date. We hit it off right from the beginning. From that first date, our relationship has blossomed. It has went through many stages from meeting each other families to I love you. Our love for each other continued to keep getting stronger and stronger. Well, just a few weeks ago I proposed to her and she said yes! What's really amazing is how we met through Plent...  Read More
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