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Rebecca & Douglas
Hooked the BIG ONE
I was browsing pictures on POF and I happened to come across Doug's profile. He was older than what I was looking for in my age category, but I thought that he looked like a gentlemen and I decided to contact him. Lucky for me, Doug replied and we emailed and called each other a few times before getting together on July 4th 2012. After many countless days and nights together, as well as supporting each other during difficult times, Doug finally proposed! Our wedding is set for May of 2014 in...  Read More
Married 5/2014
Lisa & Matt
One Spoiled Pooch...
This was the title of the first message Matt sent to me. I have two very spoiled dogs and he has one incredibly spoiled dog. From the very first message, we clicked. It truly was love at first sight. From the night of our first date we have been inseperable. Matt truly is my best friend. I love him with all my heart. I have never felt so connected to anyone, ever. We are starting a family this year and are both so very excited for what the future holds for us!
To Be Married 10/2011
Liz  & Charles
Finally found what we were both looking for.
Started POF over 7 years ago, met and fell in love several times or what I thought was love. Don't get me wrong there are different kinds of love and I met some terrific people I am still friends with today. We both are just so happy we found each other. Our first date was at the River of Lights so romantic. I think it was pretty much down hill from there. Thank you POF for making it happen for us.
Married 3/2013
susan & Sam
Found my Soul Mate on Plentyoffish
Sam and I were both on plentyoffish for about a week...we read and liked each others profiles and started talking via messaging on your site...We found we loved what we were hearing from each other....and knew if it was true then we were meant to be together forever!!!!! We talked for about 1 wk 5 hours a night...which lead to meeting in my place of business .....before we even met I knew he was the man for me...and loved the person he was!!!! The first time I saw his smiling face...I knew I was...  Read More
To Be Married 2/2012
Dean & Melissa
After my divorce, I was sure I would never find anyone again. I was getting lonely and found POF on a web search and decided to try it. After a couple unsuccessful dates, I was contacted by a member with no profile picture. I never answered those back but something made me answer her. We began talking in February and had our first date on March 19th. We bought a house together in November and were married the following March. We have a prfect relationship. Much better than my previous one. I ha...  Read More
To Be Married 3/2011
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