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Joanne & Pierre
Love of my life
I see his picture and noticed his hat so I checked out his profile and seen he was just looking for someone to talk to and sent him a message asking about his hat, he answered with a long funny story about it so I responded and it went from there. He was a slow typer so I asked him for his number and I called him, so every day 8 to 10 hours a day we talked for about a month. Not once did our conversation become uncomfortable or inappropriate, my days off was going to fall on valentines day so I ...  Read More
Married 8/2003
Evamarie  & Jeffrey
Nice people do exist!
Jeff and I met on this site. It was love at "first call", we spoke Monday and by the Friday on the same week we meet. When we meet it was love at first sight, we were already in love. We meet March 24, 2011 and got married May 24, 2011 at his hometown of Peoria, Illinios. As we talked we discovered that we were what each of us was praying for! We are blessed and we thank God and POF, that gave us the opportunity to become one.
To Be Married 5/2011
Katie & Brandon
He knew me back when.
Brandon and I knew each other in high school and were both on this site. One day after many failed attempts at me getting responses, he said "Didn't we go to high school together?" I responded and we found out that his best friend had dated my best friend and that we were around each other quite a bit in high school, but never noticed due to being into our own lives. We met for pizza, and three hours later, he asked me on a second date. I had to drive my brother to Texas the day we were supposed...  Read More
To Be Married 3/2012
Katurah & Issiace
We Didnt Like Each Other But Then...
He was very handsome in his profile pic (which his cousin set up)... However, I inboxed him and told him he should smile. He text a few times & realized he wasn't a good speller (a huge pet peeve of mine). So we talked less. Then I suggested a phone call which he shy'd away from. I immediately went on the defensive. (Clearly he was married.) He said he would call and we spoke 2 more times before we decided to meet. Something felt safe about him. We met & he ask me the 1st nite when I wanted to b...  Read More
Married 6/2013
Katy & Brett
We found the 'one'
me and Brett hit it off straight away. He first sent me a message in January of this year when I first saw his picture I knew I wanted to know more. we chatted for a few days before we decided to meet. 2 weeks after he first got in contact we arranged to meet at a local bar. I had butterflies in my tummy all the way their and imagined what it would be like to finally meet this person who from only 2 weeks of speaking to I felt like I had a real connection with. my heart was racing as I walk towa...  Read More
Married 5/2014
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