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Jennifer & Kevin
Kevin and Jennifer's Story
Kevin and I met on this website. It was great to be able to read eachother's profiles and know the type of person we were before we even met. After message for a while, we starting talking on the phone, and finally met... and that's when the sparks flew. He was everything I was looking for, and he says the same about me. We never would have crossed paths otherwise, if it weren't for Plenty of Fish. We were married on April 11th, 2013, and could not be happier. We are working on startin...  Read More
Married 4/2013
Carrie  & Shawn
Found something I though I'd never find.
Living in a small town, working all the time and having very little cash to get out a meet people made it hard to meet anyone, especially outside of work. So, my best option to meet anyone was an online dating site. So, I signed up for POF. I met a couple of guys off the site, but they weren't my thing. I almost deleted my profile a few times because I was just getting discouraged. It seemed like everyone was getting married or already married and "the one" just didn't want to be found. ...  Read More
Married 3/2013
Anita & Charles
Didn't like the distance
Charles kept writing me, wonderful, tender notes. It was over an hour distance between us and I knew getting together would be hard, but after our first date, there was no question in my mind that I wanted this man in my life. We made the distance work with me often going to his house to stay the night because he had to work early in the morning. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't do something to make me feel special. At our age, it is hard to find the right fit, but even thoug...  Read More
Chris & Natalie
Found Miss Perfect
I first spoke with Natalie late one night. I noticed she had looked at my profile so I thought I'd say hi. We seemed to click straight away. We chatted on POF for many hours, and also by text and phone, and Facebook. We met a couple of weeks later and the electricity was there for all to see. It felt comfortable with no awkward silences. We had loads in common, and we held hands and kissed. From then it just grew stronger each day and I knew she was the one for me. I feel I have found someone ve...  Read More
Silviane & Roy
Tired of online dating? Don't quit just yet " )
Do you think you have been on this online dating for waaay too long? With no significant results? Don’t quit just yet. Take a break if you need…Well, this is our story: I (FaithNHope4Ever) got divorced in 2000. Being a LDS and having a temple marriage, it was a huge struggle. Same thing with Roy (SleeplessinUtah). Even with few years apart, we tasted the deep sadness of being divorced amidst the Mormon community….NOT in Utah. If you’re not a Mormon, I guarantee you: it’s very traumatic. If you ...  Read More
To Be Married 12/2011
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