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Sherron & Dewayne
Sherron & Dewayne
We met the 2nd day I was online and about 2 weeks after he was online. The day we met we BOTH said a prayer and ask that the one right person for us be sent to us. We were tired of the same ol' same ol' and wanted to be happy. I seen his picture and thought well isn't he just adorable. I messaged him and we started talking. We didn't stop. We talked for over 15 hours straight the first time we talked. I wouldn't have changed a single minute of our conversation or what we have shared. He is the m...  Read More
Susan & Ron
There is such a thing as "love at first sight"
I had been married for a year and had a beautiful baby boy. Good man, not good together as a couple. Divorce was friendly, no drama. But I wanted that special life long love. I searched. I searched. I tease and say I dated all of Oakland County. Nice men. Great guys. Never my perfect fit. I continued my search for 19 years for "my list", " my prince". My mom had recently passed away and as I took a long hot bath, I felt her presence around me ( I know it sounds kooky) and then a "draw" or more ...  Read More
To Be Married 8/2011
Stephanie & Ryan
Looking for friends, found love!
When I was relocating from Texas to Kentucky for the Summer to live with my sister, I wasn't sure how to go about meeting people in a small town, that's when I tried my hand at the "meet people in your area" feature on Plenty of Fish. When Ryan started messaging me and wasn't too abrasive, I knew he was someone I could get along with, so I thought why not? I had my first date with Ryan on June 11, 2011! We had a couple drinks while the conversation just flowed, which was surprising after all the...  Read More
Married 7/2013
David  & Toddra
Never thougt I would a love that would be this fun exciting an sensual both sexually an mentally. This women an her daughter are the very thing that makes me wanna be the best man I can be. An do what's right by them. I hope the test of our life together will be as exciting fun an sensual as it is now. An I thank you from the bottom of my heart POF for every bit of help. I will send wedding photos when we get married. :-)
Married 7/2015
terry & bill
It started as "Puppy Love"
Our first date was a casual dinner where we enjoyed conversation and getting to know each other. We both had lost our spouses to which we had been married to for a long time. We started out as friends meeting on the weekends to swim, have dinner or watch tv. Both of us were a little hesitant but happy to have some companionship. I have two little dachshunds so at first it was "puppy love", they were always happy when "Mr. Bill" would come visit and play with them. Soon romance blossomed an...  Read More
Married 8/2013
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