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Maura & Gerald
Gerald & Maura
Gerald and I were both single parents who worked full time. We were both disappointed by past relationships. We both kinda felt like we would never fall in love we were to old for that stuff. We honestly never would have met if it wasn't for plenty of fish. We are now married, we have a beautiful son together, we have blended our families together and now a full house! We can't wait to see what the future holds for us and we tell all of our single friends to try Plenty of Fish, what have you got...  Read More
Married 3/2014
Sinead & William
Finding true love at last
Well this is how this love story began. A friend of mine mentioned to me to sign up on pof to try and get me back into dating. At first obviously I was hesitant because I have heard there was a ton of creeps online. After a while I finally gave in but I almost didn't. I created my profile and got a lot of messages and met some great people but not the one. I almost deleted my account but I left it up. This one guy, kept messaging me and messaging me and I kept ignoring him. Finally m...  Read More
Samantha & Jared
A Happy Coincidence
Jared and I started talking on on December 2nd, 2012. I was hesitant to write back, but when I did I realized that I had so much in common with someone that was coincidentally only miles away from me. Jared was moving to Parker, literally right across the street from me, but we would never have met if it weren't for Through talking to one another we discovered we had so many other scenarios of our paths crossing, people we knew, and roads we had taken. I am so thankful for this ...  Read More
Married 6/2014
Kasey & Ryan
When you know you know
I'm from California and moved to Boston in January of 2013 for a job promotion. I didn't know many people here and decided to give POF a try in February of 2013. Ryan and I had very few conversations online before we decided to meet in person on March 29th of 2013. It was his first online dating experience. From the moment we met each other we had no doubts about this relationship. He told me the day after we met that he had found his future wife and he was right. :) as he often tells me.. "Whe...  Read More
Married 10/2013
Makeda & Osvaldo
No ano de 2013 nos conhecemos no pof e logo nas primeiras conversas descobrimos que nos parecíamos muito um com o outro; Nossos objetivos eram os mesmos, fazer boas amizades, conhecer pessoas com quem podessemos aprender algo importante. Foi então que combinamos de fazer uma trilha de exercícios juntos, já que nossos hábitos eram parecidos. Saímos, almoçamos juntos, conhecemos a família um do outro; enfim estava tudo dando certo; final do ano viajamos e ao retornar dessa viajem já sabíamos que t...  Read More
Married 12/2013
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