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Holly & Mark
A natural click
I had just gotten back on POF after ending a relationship, and my first day I saw that Mark had added me as a favorite. I messaged him to say hi, he messaged me back (he said he hadn't messaged me yet because he saw my profile as he was about to head to work but added me as a favorite to remind him to message me later); we talked on the phone 2 days later, and we went on our first date 2 days after that. I still can't believe that I found the one within 5 days of getting back on POF, when I just...  Read More
Married 9/2015
Amy  & Aaron
We recently got engaged on June 15th. Exactly four years to the day of our first date. He brought me to our first date spot, Cheesecake Etc. in Vancouver, sat at the same booth and proceeded to show me messaged that he had found that were sent a few days after our first date of how much he liked me and how he couldn't wait to see me again. I knew right from the beginning he was the one. He has been my rock, my supporter through all my hard times the past four years. He has always stuck by me...  Read More
Erin  & Josh
Love of my Life!
Met Josh online Dec 2012, had our first date January 2013 and knew it was the real deal by the 3rd date. We got married May 2013 and have been living happily ever after since :) Thank you POF for giving me the opportunity to meet my soulmate.
Married 5/2013
Kristina & Aaron
Caught a Good One For Once
My husband and I both came out of serious relationships and met on here in what seemed like a last ditch effort to find a good person. We were engaged 4 months later an married about a year and a half after that and now expecting our first child. We jusy can't believe how it turned out to meet someone and fall in love so easy. We can't imagine ours lives being any different.
Married 9/2013
Michael & Christine
It all worked out for us!
We met back in january of 2012, It was like talking to random people where its "we will have one sided conversations", it was back and fourth all the time. Eventually we ended up going on our first date and that went amazingly well. It was one of those stories when you know that you will be with them forever from day one. Don't get me wrong, we had our up's and down's but in the end we both knew what was important. Around 2 years after we started dating I asked her to merry me. We are now engage...  Read More
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