bethanyking: let's go have fun
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Grand rapids, Michigan
32 year old Mulher, 170cm, Não religiosa
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I'm a bright young woman trying to find herself in this crazy world, I just moved here from Michigan with my dog to try something different. I like to go out and have fun, play some pool even though I kinda suck. I listen to all sorts of music. I enjoy being outside and going for walks. If you wanna know more send me a message and ask I have nothing to hide.

I don't play games and I hate drama.

I can't stand it when guys use the pick up like " wanna cuddle" really that is so lame. Yeah women want to cuddle but not on the first time meeting someone, it seems like a lot of pressure as there is usually a hidden message behind it. I'm just sayin.

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I would go for a nice walk in the park, or get some coffee.

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