alex_oh: New to the online dating thing
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North hollywood, California
36 year old Mulher, 160cm, Católica
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Stage Manager

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CoffeeHistoryBooks the actual paper kind although i did just start reading on my ipad
Sipping wine or whiskey but never both at the same timeWatching the news while running at the gym

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I'm finally taking the plunge into the world of online dating! My family and friends are incredibly important to me. I'm one of those rare people who actually grew up in LA so most of them are still nearby. I read a lot, mostly historical fiction and classics as well as lots of news. My musical taste runs the gamut from alternative to classic rock to jazz to opera. My job is actually something I love doing and I feel very fortunate for that. I enjoy traveling but haven't done nearly as much as I would like. My life is definitely heading in the direction I want it to be in. The one thing I'm looking for now is for someone to enjoy it with.