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New philadelphia, Ohio
47 year old Homem, 180cm, Metodista
Branca/Caucasiana, Capricórnio
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REAL ME - I am sweet and sincere I tent to be to nice and caring at times that comes from having a great family I am a conservative I have had my own business sins 1997 I have a lot of big boy toys, I like being out side camping as you guest but I don't mean in a tent I have a nice camper with yes a bathroom LOL and enjoy many other things, just got TV at home have not had in 2 years so this is nice to watch this time of year I look forward to warmer weather as I like the doors and windows open being out and around, going to have a garden again last year my first loved it learned a lot very rewarding.

I want to meet someone you has interest in me as I do in them and build on that or not and that is alright isn't that what dating is trying to find the right one ?, That likes me for who I am not for what I do or don't have, I am rich in values something you can't buy with money. I am a very smart person not gone to college I tent to be more of a leader than follower, I have great vision about things always trying to improve.

If you have ever seen the movie Happy Gilmore the girl on there she is the type of person that I hope to fine - smart cute great personality is a must just a fair honest up front person that is ok with being herself not always needing friends with her to do everything and I don't mean that in a bad way. And please be able to take and give a joke I think a little kidding around is a good thing as long as you don't go to far with it just be fun and out going I don't want or want you to be sorry about everything .I don't always like big plans as some of the best times are the ones that just happen spur - of the -moment!

And if I don't find that on here that is alright, being single is not the end of the world just would be to nice to share and enjoy life with some one special don't ya think.

one thing here is needed that is TRUST but very hard to earn and it should be until you know for sure but have to start somewhere

Primeiro Encontro
have not been on one in a long time so someplace simple and fun is a good start

- really I think if we emailed text or talked we would know each other enough that a nice sit down dinner is ideal then a short walk before saying goodnight.