Zorsi: Scorpion
Não com Normal tipo físico
Los angeles, California
32 year old Mulher, 165cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana, Escorpião
Zorsi em busca de um relacionamento.
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Sobre Orsi
I' m a scorpion, so not the easiest, but if I love somebody, I do it seriously.

What I like:
- Johnny Depp, Jack Nickolson, Denzel Washington movies
- Tim Burton's world
- Sting, Pink, System of a Down, Akos, Magna cum laude
- Italian and Japan kitchen
- If I eating cocoa rolls, or croissants, I twisted down, instead just bite in the middle
- Hot chocolate (just the Manuel)
- DK's donuts
- Subway (tuna), Mc Donalds (yes, sometimes I feel, I need some trash :-) ), Yoplait Frozen Yoghurt (Blueberry)
- Wine
- Pringles chips
- Creative things (sewing, beading)
- Good books
- Tattoos
- Merrell, Quicksilver Roxy
- Silver
- When the snow falling
- Hang out with my best friends
- Shooting with air-soft guns

What I don' t like:
- Shortcuts (please use normal sentences)
- spanish music
- Red-orange clothes
- Kung fu movies
- Beer
- Heavy foods
- X Box

Please-please guys, be honest!If you re 170 cm, don t write on the profile:I m 180 cm, or if you just want sex, don t say: I want a relationship. It s not fair, don t waist our time. I m pretty sure, you can find pages for liars, but I m here for find a real, honest guy. If you feel on the first date,that s not what you looking for, don t ask a second date! Why? Just because you don t want to hurt me? Bulls..t! Because you don t have enough courage to say the truth. I think, worst, if I figure out after a lot of dates, what s (not) going on.Thank you!
Oh, and one more thing: just because I don t jump in your neck at the first date, or give you my number after 5 minutes talking, doesn t means, I don t want to meet you. That things just for my safety, and becasue in my country we learn: the boys need to do the first step. :-) And if you feel, you haven t got time to figure out, where the things are going, please don t waste my time too. Thank you!
Sometimes I want an option here, where I can post my opinions/real experiences, under the guys pictures, who I was dated from here before, just to protect other girls from a...holes, who thoughts, just because they are kind of famous or have a BMW, can do everything, what they want. But in the real life, they are just tiny little boys.Sorry guys, but you re not that cool, how do you think...
One more thing:if you see,I checked your profile but didn t sent a word,there is a reason,why,so don t send me messages,like:Don t be shy!,because I m just not interested maybe...
And no,I m not interested for d..ck photos,come over for some fun things and not gonna answer to Wazzup,Hija,or Sup texts.Try to squezze out from your mind at least one normal sentence guys,please.

Primeiro Encontro
Depends on the partner. Probably Dk'donuts visit at first, or a beach walk, who knows? We can figure out together...

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