LC5618: Hi. It's nice to see you...
Não com Normal tipo físico
Lacrosse, Wisconsin
28 year old Mulher, 175cm, Católica
Branca/Caucasiana Peixes com Castanho
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June 2014

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Sobre Mim
Hi Hi :) I'm a pretty driven person. I don't like feeling useless so I'm always busy with a variety of things. II try to approach situations with positivity and enthusiasm; life is too short to waste time being negative. Healthy debates and conversations are really interesting to me. I'm not afraid to give you my opinion or listen to yours. I LOVE to laugh! and believe a smile can brighten any day, especially an unexpected one. I enjoy singing in the car, playing volleyball, gardening, being outdoors, baking, and finding a good book.

Details are important to me and I enjoy making others feel special by taking an interest in what's important to them. I have a short fuse for people who are mean or inconsiderate to others. I am very ambitious, a blessing (and sometimes a curse) that I inherited from my parents.

My ideal match would be a goal-driven person that likes helping others. He should be honest, hardworking and independent (but still be considerate of other people). A similar mentality about sports (fun, competitive, but not life or death) is a good thing too. I like people who teach me new things. I deeply value respect, consideration, and spark in a relationship. I'm looking for someone who will challenge me, hold up his side of the conversation, and make me laugh. Take a chance and send me a message. I look forward to seeing your smile.

Primeiro Encontro
Going for drinks, a casual dinner, or a game sounds like a great time to me - somewhere we can talk. Volleyball, football, and hockey are all sports I love to watch.

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