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Sobre Mim
Maybe I don't get out often enough, but my cat, Misdemeanor A.K.A. Mister or Meaners, takes up alot of my time (sure). Actually I think I'm the one with the seperation anxiety LoL! Ok, maybe it is a bit more me and less him doing it, but it's cuz I love him! Besides my cat... I absolutely love horses. I started riding when I was only 5, but unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of riding for over 6 years now. Actually, I don't think that I have done much of anything for myself in those same 6 years. I have just recently exited a 5 yr relationship that for the most part was a give & take. I gave & he took. But even still, I was determined to give it my everything! And, in the end, I was really just screwing myself. Oh yah, and he was really screwing someone who called themselves "my close & good friend". Awwww... Thank You!... I need more of them like I need a hole in my head!!! Sure! Thankfully, through it all I have managed to get back in touch with myself, somewhat anyways. I am remembering things about myself that I had forgotten. Simple stuff, such as the fact that I am funny! :) At least I seem to make myself laugh that is! Hey... it's not like anyone is left crying! JK HaHa! I have changed my hair color from blond to "flamingo pink". I get alot of people who tell me that they like it! Personally, I like it alot! At first it was a way of making my little contribution towardsBreast Cancer Awareness. I didn't do it for any reason other than because I wanted to. I do like to play darts & pool, even bowling. I'm not the best at them, but I'm not that bad. Plus I'm always willing to learn! However, I AM (at least I think) pretty darn good at playing some Hold-em! I don't care to much for someone who has to be so competitive that he/she takes the fun part out of things. I want to laugh and have good times. I don't want to be stressed or feeling as if I can't keep up. Unfortunately, with all that's gone on in the years that have passed it seems as if any goals or aspirations that someone should or would have, I do not. Not just yet anyway. However, I am a Capricorn, so, know that that won't last for to long! As far as my taste in music... I am almost 39. I see myself as a rocker chic mostly (at least that's what we used to be called, way back when). Any/All Classic Rock. Ozzy Osbourne is in the "GOD" genre to me! LoL. I also grew up during the 80's (that should speak for itself haha). I do like all kinds of music, mainly cuz I respect the fact that it's MUSIC! But I have never really strayed to far away from what I always say is "Now That's Music"! I guess it's because the music always seems to remind me of "good times", both of my own & of the ones I would love to have. I am a sucker for LOVE. A love story will almost guarantee tears. And no matter how it ends I will be crying. However, I only sob for sad endings. Otherwise they are tears of joy! Always!! My friends say that I have an large amount of empathy for mankind. It never fails that if TV shows a comercial for the HUMANE SOCIETY I am pretty much guaranteed to be in a puddle. All that DAMN ANIMAL ABUSE FRICKIN' KILLS ME!!! I guess that I might have some "paranormal ability to psychically read another person's emotions &/or points of views"? Not saying that I am always right, but I do try to pay attention! I try to that is. Basicly I think that I am a GOOD person, especially in my heart!! I don't want to see anyone hurting, or sad, or even angry. However, I do somewhat enjoy ~at times~ the occasional angry person. LoL! It's actually the act of KILLING THEM WITH KINDNESS that turns me on!!! I have plenty of patience for alot of things and people. My friends tell me that I give "wise advice". I try to be a good listener for the most part. Really I try to just do as I would have done unto me. So, that's MOST of me anyways. I guess you could say that I am someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. And even though I've had LOUSY LUCK from doing so...I'm still happy that I stuck to my guns! Maybe I will just wear it in a spot that can't be accessable by someone with selfish or wrong intentions, but that can still be found by someone who's looking for what I am! That's probably safer at least. Right?!! Lets just hope its smarter too. LoL! Well... I guess I'll find out!! I think I'm ready? Well... hope to see ya out there somewhere! Bye for now!! :)))

Primeiro Encontro
I guess a nice First Date in my opinion would be...

It wouldn't matter to me if we were going to go do something that cost money vs. something that did not. How much thought or effort was put into deciding what to do is what would stand out. I would want you to be your most honest self right from the start, and accept me just the same. Now, nobody said you have to like me, in fact pretending to is the only bit of fake behavior I will allow!! HaHa! But seriously though.

I would hope that our time together would allow for the conversations to be mutual, even better, to be in sync. Nothing more enjoyable than being able to have good conversations with someone new or interesting or just on the same page. I would hope you would be interested, or at least if you could convince me you are that would be great too! LOL!

I really just want to go out & have a fun time, with some laughs or even tears -JK- :) haha, and then decide that maybe tomorrow we want to do it again. Maybe a bit more intense next time. Who knows!

No matter what happens, or who feels or doesn't feel what, I want it to have been fun. I would hope to walk away from the date with at least a new aquaintance. Who knows, maybe my next best friend. I have always said that Best Friends are sometimes created in the blink of an eye. Granted we can't all be that lucky, but nothing wrong with a positive outlook. Right!

Ok then. Can't wait to hear what you think! Also, can't wait to hear the responces out there to POF's sugestions on what to write. It's so hard to think under all this pressure! LOL!! But seriously now...

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