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Dear you,

So, it is time to take a risk and give dating another chance! What better place to start than a free dating service, right! I'd like to introduce a tad bit about myself but I am not a fan of writing long essays without having to, so i'll make it an easy read:

• I have a 7 year-old beautiful little girl who thinks I am Superwoman and she is my sidekick :)

•I am a college graduate in hopes of going back to grad school as soon as time allows it.

•I actually enjoy going to work.

•I am a huge believer of "ME" time. It's the only way to keep things healthy.

•Love love to be spontaneous; just grab my stuff and do random things for fun some of the best memories happen that way...

•If I could, I would've traveled to Europe 10x by now, again another "things to do" on my list.

•One of the best qualities I know I have is the ability to unconditionally be loyal to those who are worthy.

•I dont hold grudges. I just let it be. It's easier that way.

•I HATE HATE liars! Theres just no need to. Period.

•Laughter is the remedy to anything! :D

•For me, music soothes the soul, therefore I listen to a little bit of this, a little bit of that, I don't discriminate.

Talk soon. Maybe.

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