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LuVlyVAL: Where's my King?!
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Sobre Mim
Dear all who take the time to read,

So, it is time to take a risk and give dating another chance! What better place to start than a free dating service, right! I'd like to introduce a tad bit about myself but I am not a fan of writing long essays without having to, so i'll make it an easy read:

• I have a 6 year-old beautiful little girl who thinks I am Superwoman and she is my sidekick :)

•I am a college graduate in hopes of going back to grad school as soon as time allows it.

•I actually enjoy going to work.

•I am a huge believer of "ME" time. It's the only way to keep things healthy.

•Love love to be spontaneous; just grab my things and do random things for fun some of the best memories happen that way...

•If I could, I would've traveled to Europe 10x by now, again another "things to do" on my list.

•One of the best qualities I know I have is the ability to unconditionally be loyal to those who are worthy.

•I dont hold grudges. I just let it be. It's easier that way.

•I HATE HATE liars! Theres just no need to. Period.

•Laughter is the remedy to anything! :D

•For me, music soothes the soul, therefore I listen to a little bit of this, a little bit of that, I don't discriminate

How can I write everything about myself on here. Just get at me, if you're interested! (:

Primeiro Encontro
In my ideal world, on the first date the guy would meet me somewhere HE chose (because it's SO attractive when a man takes initiative) and it would include dinner, laughs, and some drinks.

We would talk about anything and get to know each other leaving such an awesome impression on each other that we just have to plan the next date at the end of the night. Simple, but unforgettable....