Irismonet: Invariably Optimistic
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San francisco, California
45 year old Mulher, 173cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana Aquário com Cabelo Ruivo
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Interior Design

December 2012

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Sobre Kimberly
It all starts with fun, laughter and a connection.

Ultimately I am looking for a best friend and confidant. Someone that has had some life experience and is ready for more... Someone to make a deep intimate connection with - something special... Someone like minded that wants the quiet times as much as the adventure.

A man that is strong yet sensitive is super sexy. Ideally we love doing some activities together and talking... Communication is key... I want to meet someone who still believes in love and has a positive image about women and relationships in general and is ready to take that journey with me.

Day to day I am strong, confident and very active... I want that safe place to land where I can be soft, vulnerable and me. Feminine and giving... without having to worry or protect myself. I want to connect and share all of me... Not just the industry leader or social butterfly... but, the quiet and feminine side too... Not everyone gets that part of me... just as not everyone gets the sensual side either. Those are gifts that I save for my partner.

I am tactile, sensual... but very selective. I love to touch and connect with my partner. I love the unspoken communication. Cuddling and holding hands... The laughing... there has to be a lot of laughing...

Connection and closeness: physical and emotional ... take time.

About Me:

I am an extrovert. But, quiet time is as important as the parties and socializing... I need time removed to recharge my batteries and do things to feed my soul. Not necessarily by myself. I find pleasure in things large and small…. Creating balance is very important.

***Did I mention that I am fun... Live in the moment... laugh easily... am a bit irreverent and have a mischievous streak?***

Primeiro Encontro
I prefer a couple of emails and then a phone call first. I have found that by the phone call we can tell if we have enough in common to meet in person.

The biggest gift that people can give is their time. I respect yours.

After that... I am open.... I am up for almost anything....

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