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Hey ladies... So I haven't been on this for a while but i'm giving it a shot again, for sh*t and giggles I guess lol...I'm an easy going and very broad minded person, very laid back sometimes... I love having fun at the right time, especially if surrounded with the right people, I go to school for business -marketing- and also doing an IT major...
I love to travel and be somewhere totally on the other side of the globe, lived on 3 continents so far, still looking forward for the 2 left but i'm pretty much settled here for now.
As far as music, I do believe that it is a need, otherwise life would make no sense, I'm pretty much opened to any kind of music but would have to go with Chill out,house and lounge music first.(more because of some european background). I do enjoy country sometimes though I didn't really grow up listening to it ( thanks to my best friend lol)
I'm pretty much always down to meet new people! So, feel free to hit me up ;)
Ps: me saying hi doesn't mean I'm trying to get in your pants, some chicks really need to get over themselves lol

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