deep2silence: Shine the Gratitude
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Mexico, California
44 year old Mulher, 163cm, Outra
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deep2silence encontro casual/sem compromisso.
Loving people

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The main gist is that I am working on giving and sharing at this point in my life. How can I best be of service? I am ready to give in the deepest and vastest way possible and am looking to see how this might be accomplished in a manner that fits my personality. I love to travel and play in water. My focus is in being real and opening my heart more and more and feeling abundance and gratitude.

Love being in life and soaking it in. Love being quiet and enjoying the silence. Compassionate, loving, deep, introspective, smart, really quiet, physically active, conscious, appreciative, intuitive, skillful, fearless most of the time, adventurous, spur of the moment as long as it feels right, traveler, lover of cultures, a peacemaker, lover, still, active, faithful, devotional, tactile, push the edges, generous, empathic, simple, radiant.

Do you feel abundant? Do you live life in your integrity? Let's see what we can find, how we can be of service, explore, enjoy, slow down and yet be active and involved. If you know what I mean, please contact me. And please be adventurous. I tend on the fearless/trusting/positive side so I am looking for a match! Thanks!

Learning how to paddle board as of late and swimming in the Bay! Want to go traveling? Sailing?

Primeiro Encontro
What do two people do when they meet? Look in each other's eyes, then look in each other's eyes, then look in each other's eyes, hopefully smile, connect in a way that is simple, comfortable and sweet. Ahh, sweetness is so nice, isn't it?
Just holding hands can be ecstatic and enough at times, if both people are really connected, or walking side by side and feeling each others' presence.....there is so much if the connection is there.