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Hello! Whaaaat's happening? Uhhhh...Im going to have to ask you to go ahead and have all your teeth... Mmmkay? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I'm also going to need you to go ahead and not be a drug addict too (Office space (Lumberg)- Im a dork!). My whole profile is cheesy. I apologize.

I'm sometimes told that "I almost didn't respond to you because you looked like you would be a stereotypical (d.b.) body builder type that looks in the mirror all the time!" Please. I hate mirrors. I only look to shave. I don't need to check my hair throughout the day, so...Time with a mirror is boring and depressing to me. Lol.

I'm looking for what most people are looking for. I'd like to settle someday and have a happy, healthy family. Whether I have kids of my own, or a father figure to yours, or I just have a wife and a dog. I'm 37, own a home & have a good job. I can hold a fairly intellectual conversation. I think? It's been awhile. I'm content alone, but something is missing, and I don't think its a pet. I'm not in a mad rush, but I would like to put a stop to all the bad first dates. Lol. It's expensive!

My relationship with God is important to me. I'm always working on it. I don't always succeed! This is often confused with being someone who is hypocritical are judgmental. Definitely not the case here. I'm just as much of a screw-up as anyone else. Ha!

I'm into motorcycles, keeping in shape, end of the world type of movies. Also, Netflix series like Breaking Bad- my absolute favorite! Although it originally didn't sound like my type of show. I love laying around on Sundays and watching movies all day with the fireplace on (gas, not real wood- just in case that's a deal breaker). I'm really kinda simple and easy going (boring? Lol).Im also a foodie. I love to find non-chain places to eat... My favorite place to eat in Columbus is Skillet in German Village. If any of you say Applebees is where it's at, seriously... We will not get along. I've been wanting to try some of the Food trucks in town... It's a new-ish, big thing with very high quality stuff. Some are completely organic and what not... Blah blah. If that's fun to you and you are also a nerd like me, I'd like to hear from you.

Ladies... Perhaps what I don't want is also important! Alcoholism (social drinking is fine, drunk every weekday is not), drug addicts, dishonesty, divorced for reasons of boredom and sudden "incompatibility." I want someone who really believes in for better or worse and will fight with me to make it work when things get blah or difficult. The whole "I was bored and we just didnt have anything in common anymore..." Thats just cop-out crap. The honeymoon always "wears off," but it's what you do from there that counts. The emotionally challenged "honeymoon chasers" need not apply. lol. Sorry, I know that's harsh... I just get so much of the same thing.

I could bore you to death, but I'll let only the gluttons for punishment have me ramble any further. Lol. I think I deserve a good catch... Do you deserve me? lol (really, I'm not at all full of myself). :)


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To the cheapest bar I can find and the first one who drinks until they puke wins!! Kidding of course. I'm not a binge drinker/alcoholic. I drink socially and usually just have a few.

My idea of a first date can be something as simple as a drink or two...Sometimes I like to do something different. Like the Franklin park conservatory, or some kind of community event, where we can still talk.

I will give one example of what not to do on a date... I had a woman request to go to a mexican restaraunt because she liked the hot cheese dip and had a hankerin for it I reckon. I went to have some and she slapped my hand in to the scolding hot, magma-like concoction... I could barely maintain my composure due to the pain of what I think soaking my hand in gasoline and lighting it feels like... Then later that night, she thought it was funny to show me how long and loud her flatulance is. Serious redneck issues. I am not at all making this up. One of them was actually directed at me. It was the worst date ever. And come to find out her father was spying on us the whole time, monitoring the situation. Good thing didnt smack her head into the cheese, which was my first thought. haha. kidding.