colemy: Love Live and Laugh
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Long beach, California
49 year old Mulher, 175cm, Cristã - outra
Negra/Afro-descendente, Escorpião
colemy buscando um relacionamento sério.
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social worker

once in a while it is relaxing just to reflect on how good God is all of the time......

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***I have many interests and hobbies, but no matter what I am doing God is always number one in my life. I am not interested is being controled or dominated by anything and/or anyone. I am too old for games and if that is your thing I may not be the women for you. I am a hope to die "hopeless romantic" and I love being real, honorable, loyal and giving. But, please do not misunderstand I am no door mat, nor am I a foolish woman. I love myself and I am confident and self assured, merely looking for a (sane) whole and complete partner. I am not discouraged or dissolution about "Real Love" or Romance, I do understand that some are takers and care nothing about the art of being true to another. I deeply desire to "Soar with an Eagle" because I have much to learn and much to give. I trust that there are many many women who are fabulous, but what makes me stand out, wonderfully and uniquely is I have Faith that people are in your life for a season or a life time, and I understand and appreciate that both are inportant and equally significant...... But the key is accepting life on life's terms. ***Loving ***Living & Laughing*** without any regrets.....
If you think I am your kind of women - I would love to hear from you.

***As far as music I adore GOSPEL (all kinds), JAZZ, OLD SCHOOL, and I just melt when I hear a SOLO via SAXOPHONE ( it is truely my weakness).

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identifying the likesnand the differences between the two people and find a middle an act of honoring ones self and the other person..

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