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njione2: native american beauty
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Sedona, Arizona
39 year old Mulher, 165cm, Religiosa
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show buisness

i know.....lost of hair ha ha

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Sobre angela
,, casting call for hot men for my next music video he must be in shape , long hair is preferred but can be short haired, must be 5 ft 10 to 6 ft 5 between ages 24- 40 can be any race, just need to be hot ...plz post pics or video of him or your self here and we will begin the casting process ....LIGHTNING PONY ENT./ ANGELA LAZON im down to earth , , i love the outdoors alot, but love watching movies at home too, ya ...... i like making u laugh, and keepn it real ;@. im not a good time girl ....im a girl u date but im also a girl on the go so i need to be able to do my career same as u. im curvy in a good way , got a little meat on my bones and i like it that way, but fit....like a guy who takes care of himself too, i cant date u if u have any serious addictions, as i dont smoke or do drugs , i have a drink a few times a year , all my kids r grown and gone, , and i travel at times , i want a guy who is respectful, loving, loves to laugh ALOT, and can let a girl in, im not looking for perfection because i cant offer it , im just looking for a good guy who wants to be adored, cuddled, talk sh*t with me lol and likes being cared about........then come say hi im angela

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hmm first date i think a walk on the beach or just sittn on a blanket hangn out u can just be u and i can just be me with no shoes on just talking and flirting getting to know eachother

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