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I am a character who can play plenty of roles before the week is through. During the week, I manage a process improvement team at a successful Silicon Valley company. I work with fabulous people, and enjoy my job, but at the end of the day, I don't aspire to be identified by my career. Life is so much more than what I do to make money. If I can make a friend laugh, accomplish a personal goal, get to the gym, all while balancing a plate on my head, then it's a good day.

What makes a good match for me? Oh, the usual: a dependable, stable guy who isn't nuts, who is bright and and funny, spiritual and kind, and who can balance all aspects of his life while enjoying it at the same time. I love to joke, kid around, gently mock and generally spar with words, so if you're quiet and withdrawn, it won't be much of a match. I enjoy being outdoors, being active, but also enjoy that cuddle time on the couch. I don't have to do everything with someone I'm dating, but I do need to feel there's a significant place in your life for me. If you love to travel, cook, hike, can string sentences together, all while balancing a plate on your head, then there's potential for a relationship. :-) And that's what I'm looking for: a partnership. I understand some of you are on here to date, as am I, but my long term goal is something stable and lasting.

I do have a few stipulations that I think it's fair to bring up now, just to stay on the same page (you are reading this far, right?):
--You have to have pictures, and recent ones. Yes, you very well were handsome 5 years ago, and if we were to be in a relationship, I'd love to see those pics too. Just not as your intro pics. If you don't post them on your profile because you're in the CIA, fine, but you do have to have them to message me. It's hard meeting you in person if I'm looking for your "I had more hair then" alter-ego. :-)
--Speaking of messaging, I will respond to your message (if it's an actual one), but it may be one where I don't feel there's enough potential for a relationship and let you know to throw back this fish. It's a dating site. I realize that I'm not everyone's cup of tea and I may not receive a response but I'm confident enough in who I am to deal with that. I hope you are too, and even if we aren't a match, I really do wish you the best of luck. Everyone deserves someone (unless, of course, you make children cry, and then you probably deserve a therapist!!)
--Have a general sense of gentlemanly courtesy. If you have to question what I mean by that, then, hmmm, I could probably recommend a good finishing school.
--If you're still stuck in a past relationship, please extricate yourself (mentally or physically) from it before doing any woman here any favors and involving her. You're not sure if this is you? If your conversation often starts with "My ex..." or "In my previous relationship...", you fall into this category.
--Be honest in who you are; if we meet, I'll eventually find out the truth. I know we like to put forth the very best here (well, most of us--there are some of you that like to use this space to bemoan the fact that all of women are dishonest harlots. Not true--only some!), but I appreciate someone who has a few chinks in the ol' proverbial armor and doesn't scramble to pretend he doesn't. Hopefully, like me, you're constantly striving to be a better person. If not,, just work on that. :-)
--Lastly, chatting is fun...I enjoy verbal repartee, but I'm going to want to meet you in person fairly quickly. Life's too short to sit on the phone texting. Besides, I have an engaging laugh that is best enjoyed in person! ;-)

Good luck and take care!

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I'm going to give a very generic but honest answer: over coffee to chat and get to know one another. We'll know pretty quickly if there are sparks and can go from there.

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