ThickTomboy: "Gotta be Something More"
Frequentemente com Voluptoso tipo físico
Castro valley, California
35 year old Mulher, 173cm, Católica
Latina/Hispânica, Virgem
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Sobre Mim
I am looking for something that is my kind of perfect, something more than typical, something real.... And of course trying to explain it here is next to impossible.

If you are interested in getting to know me, please:
1. Do not ask me if I want to hook up.
2. Speak English, I am not a fan of text talk, ghetto talk, whatever you want to call it. I prefer intelligence, and using complete words helps.
3. Be genuinely interested in getting to know me, not just what size my bra is; show me you actually read this by naming your favorite comic book character.
4. Do not be a user, 420 is still a drug, and I'd prefer not to associate myself with it.
5. Be upfront about yourself. If your profile says you have a car or job, please do.
More to come.

I am a good girl with a strong head on my shoulders. I work two jobs, which I love, and live on my own. I like to fish, camp, dance, play video games, garden, read, shoot pool, and more. I have never been in prison, don't do drugs, but am a smoker, and will drink every now and then. Pretty simple.

Primeiro Encontro
Drinks, coffee, shooting range, zoo, fishing, some place/thing mellow where talking & getting to know each other is possible.

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