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Art is one of the most important elements in my life. I am an artist/painter and spend much of my time creating custom paintings. In addition to being a career, art is my passion. My interest in art extends into all aspects of my life. Music is also important to me, and I appreciate a wide range including R & B, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, and Reggae. I love live music, especially with good company!

I am close with my family, and hope to find a guy that shares the same family values and connections. I have a twin sister, and I'm one of three girls. I enjoy weekend barbeques with the fam, and spending time just kicking back.

I'm looking for a man that is open minded that will accept me and all my uniqueness. I was born without the use of my hands and as a result I have adapted to unique ways of doing things. I paint with my mouth, and use my feet to do things such as putting on make-up, and even driving my car. I live a very self-sufficient life and have embraced the challenges that I have been faced with. As a result of my strong determination I have overcome adversities and proven many people wrong.

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An ideal first date would be going out for a quiet dinner and taking our time talking about our interests. I want to learn more about you, your family, your interests, your goals, what makes you smile... Hopefully we'll feel sparks and make plans for date #2...

... How about a comedy club in San Francisco, enjoying each others company along with a few drinks and a lot of laughs...

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