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serenabean: Hello!!
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Melbourne, Florida
43 year old Mulher, 173cm, Metodista
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TravelingI love cars of all kindsShopping
Chilling at homeReality tvScary movies
I love animals esp dogs

Sobre Serena
Hi! I am a nice and honest person who like to have fun and is looking for someone who wants a good woman!This is something i swore id never do!lol But here i am,so i really hope this works, because im not into meeting guys at bars.I love life and likes to make the most of it,Seems to me that i dont have a certain "type"of guy im looking for,i dont go on looks so its hard for me to look through all these people and say"yea i like him!".Anyway i like to travel,shop :),i like to try new restaurants ect,love to laugh! And basically im a very easy going and fun person,looking for someone with the same interest and attitude towards life as me :)... Oh and if you wanna 'meet me' why don't you just send me a message instead?

Primeiro Encontro
I think a short dinner or drinks somewhere quiet would be great because you usually know after talking to a person if there are any sparks or not :)