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**before I start let me make one thing clear. If I do not respond the first 90 times after you messaged me and I viewed your profile Clearly i'm not interested in you. DO NOT keep messaging me. thank you.

I like guys who look clean... Clean shaven nice clothes ..why lie? I'm not shallow but I'm very particular obviously personality is a big part of chemistry and dating but honestly if you look not like my type I probably won't be that into you.
So here are some basic criteria:
Clean shaven
Kept hair doesn't have to always be neat but make it look pretty
Good well kept clothes
And just have manners. I'm tired of getting these disgusting out of line messages. Grow up.

hmm i'm bilingual I love to have amazing conversation.
sh*tI don't like:
Boring convos
Fake people*I guess this is me being a hypocrite BC I an random and probably really
dirty mentally..but when i'm with my parents or any high authority figure i'm the most classy lady in the world*
people who do stupid sh*tto get attention. Be yourself.

sh*tI like:
guys with a brain
Big****(optional) but you know it helps
Anything imaginative and creative
Funny people
Great convos
There's more but that's too much stuff to write

About me:
I like a lot of things. You'll know when you have my attention. Im a pretty honest person. I love to cook and then eat. Softball us the game I always play. I watch all sports though. I have 6 siblings yes i'm family oriented. I'm not picky but I like a guy who is. Alpha males are welcome that's really sexy. Swagg is for boys but style/ class is for men. A guy who dresses well automatically gets attention personality is what makes me stay.

I have a few bones to pick with men on this site. I honestly hate when guys ask for my name like it really is not my profile name. *Sarcasm* also i hate when you just say hey. Like im not going to reply other than hi. Im not going to dk much to keep a convo going and honestly i dont expect anything at all.
To end on an amazing note ....,Unicorns are my first love. Especially purple ones with rainbow****. Cuz we all know unicorns are transsexual horses... :D


I have snapchat and kik yeah if you can never snapchat me then I probably won't believe that's really you :) ill snapchat anyone who's adorable because if you're not my type then why would I want pictures of you????

Primeiro Encontro
Anything really..maybe eat cereal in the street or just walk around 42nd :p
We can go to a restaurant or brunch your choice because you're the man. and I'm totally cool with McDonald's for all of those who are cheap. Just know that I will be cheap in providing personal service also :)

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