redrocker55: Blah, Blah, Blah...this site is so boring *yawn*
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Fort worth, Texas
54 year old Homem, 183cm, Luterano
Branca/Caucasiana Virgem com Castanho
redrocker55 quer sair e conhecer mas nada sério.
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Retired/Buy & Sell Cars

2013 @ NFG Sportsbar watching my Texas Rangers

Procurando Mulher Para Namoro
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Sobre Larry
I am looking for a Life Partner someone to have fun with go out & do things with, someone to stay home with, cook a nice dinner together, a drink or two, a movie night! something LOL....I'm sure we can come up with just the right blend for us of going out & staying home.

I am retired after 30 years of work at the GM assembly plant in Arlington...I was married one time for 20 years and have been divorced for 6...I have three kids, two girls & a boy that I had custody of after my divorce...I raised them all and sent them out into the world.

My "interests" describe what I enjoy but are not all that interest me, but a snapshot of who I am...I would like to meet and enjoy the company of someone who has like interests that I do.

I have Tattoos (7) and I enjoy the meanings behind them. All of them can be covered if necessary I just never had a good enough reason to do so. I LOVE tats on the ladies that I date and hope that you have them, or wanting to go get that first one ;-) or at least can tolerate that I do. I may or may not have a reason or desire to get more, just want to be honest with you.

If you want to know more about me then by all means ask, the only bad question is the question that is not asked...there is plenty more to know about myself but let's save that for a face to face meet & greet over drinks, or several games of pool, or other such entertainment where we could actually talk & get to know a little bit about each other. Let's see if there is a spark and a reason to start seeing each other.

Primeiro Encontro
Someplace that you are comfortable with, that would be my #1 concern is your feelings of personal safety.Not that you woud need to be worried as I am a perfect gentleman, and I also don't put out on the first date so! :-P

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