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Greetings! I have a fun but pretty crazy life as I travel a lot for my job. I'm a positive, happy, intelligent, and optimistic person and my friends think I have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh! During the day I'm a CPA and a PMP, but outside of that I use the other half of my brain, as I'm a photographer, huge sports fan, and even huger music fan. One on one, I'm friendly, honest, loyal and affectionate. (And I'm also aware that while the first three are universal, the word affectionate often means different things to men and women!) Feel free to ask me anything!

I'm "Gold and Blue, through and through" and love going out to South Bend on a fall Saturday. I've got season tickets and am sooooo psyched we were ranked #1 in 2012 even though we didn't win the National Championship. Goooooo IRISH! Golsun's back!

Outside of my beloved Fightin' Irish, I'm a big Packers fan (have a cheesehead and one share of "stock") as well as the hometown teams, the Orioles (longtime fan....not just in the last magical year!) and the Super Bowl Champions Ravens. Now it's time for the orange birds to pick up where the purple birds left off! Hope that the Os can parlay their success in Spring Training on to the regular season! 6-7 isn't a great start but hey, it's early!

Musically, I'm all over the place with rock, progressive rock, metal, and progressive metal, Rush, Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater are the biggest names I love but it goes way deeper...Savatage, Serenity, Delain, Seventh Wonder, Enchant, Redemption, Voyager, Sonata Arctica and Crack the Sky are just a few of the rest. Just a few. I'm also into New Age/Acoustic stuff like Stanton Lanier, Jim Todd, Joe Bongiorno, Suzanne Ciani, California Guitar Trio, and David Lanz as examples, and yes, I've seen Yanni in concert a half a dozen times. It is NOT elevator music!! No country, no hip hop, no rap, and only a microscopic bit of pop. I do love 80s music, though - just about all of it, from MJ and Madonna to the 80's hair bands to Duran Duran and other New Wave groups. Oh yes, Sting and the Dave Matthews Band are big favorites too. And finally, locally, I go see my buds in Hectic Red as often as possible!!!

As for photography, of course I shoot musicians, but also mountains, landscapes, weddings, and waterfalls. :) And to get to those sites, I hike and hike!

I have a great job that keeps me hopping (and freezing, LOL... I recently spent two weeks in Poland...in February!!) and I'm looking for a secure person who is not threatened by my independence. I'm looking for an optimistic person who is fun to be with and who will be ok with my crazy traveling! I have no pets but LOVE dogs --- walking a dog is so underrated --- and I, um...tolerate cats. One other note - my details say "Does not want children" - that's means I am not having any of my own. I'm totally fine if you have kids!! No worries!

And maybe I should move this to the top.....Please don't be put off by my status of 'Separated'. It's just paperwork now, and I pray I can get a court date SOON; we are NOT getting back together. I have lived alone and for several years now and we are quite civil - no drama here. We have separate lives. There is such a thing as an amicable separation and divorce. Really!!!!

Finally....if you DO think you might want to meet me, please send me an actual message -- please don't use the POF 'Meet Me' tool. Thanks!! :-)!

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Meeting somewhere casual for a coffee or a glass of wine. Nothing fancy, it's a first date. It should be somewhere where it is easy to talk. It's always cool to meet in person - we can see if there is any spark!

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