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Soo been on this site for alittle and it can be ...well upside down smily face. But I'm giving it a shot because we miss 100% percent of the chances we don't take. So about me..haha I'm pretty witty. I love bantering back and forth and can keep on my toes. I like simple things like car rides, lazy days in the sun, snuggles, and don't forget those awesome kisses. I can be casual or dressy, but the real question is who ever says they cant. Like imagine this scenario for a moment....
girl- "oh no, I can't be casual.."
you- *puzzled look* "uhhh ok" *walks away*

haha....WTF...yeah smack her lol. I have a dog who is my joy. any who i LOVE food....oh yeah all kinds but i dont like peas. we should make all the inmates in jails eat only peas. my favorite color is green and favorite flavor is vanilla :) yea thats also my preference in men too. tall, vanilla, sweet...icecream haha. Okay so on a serious note if you aren willing to share your number after we talk awhile or just looking for friends then i'm probably not the chick for you. Distance is no issue and if we click I hope to meet within a reasonable time. Not here for pen pal :( Hope to hear from a special someone.

*update* if you choose to exchange numbers with me please don't play the I don't know who this is game. If you give your number out so much you can't determine who I am then please go play games elsewhere. Can't I just find a good man who wants to talk not text and doesn't play games!!

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Well when we get to that me and the lucky person will discuss :)

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