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I can't even begin to discuss how disappointed I am but then again, this is a free site. Been here 5 weeks and so far the pickings are so slim. So to just get to the point here are things I don't respond to.

1. Photos of you holding money or standing next to a car on rims. I'm not materialistic and those things don't impress me.
2. I'm not from the country so anything with muddin' or ridin' in a four wheeler doesn't do it for me.
3. Poor grammar and spelling. Telling me "wassup" and "yo shorty" will get you deleted.
4. Pretend thugs....not interested at all.
5. Your profile says you are "looking for a relationship" however you send me a message to hookup. Not interested! And do us all a favor and change your status.
6. Psychos ...STAY AWAY!!!

Now most will not get to this point anyways because most don't read the profiles, but if you did then most likely we will get along. Im looking for a funny, awesome in shape guy. Also I mainly attracted to white men, which has proven to be difficult since moving here to the south as people here still have the mentality of the 1940s. I do like doing active things, love my dog, and hoping to see if there are any awesome people out there. If you want to know more please send me a message.

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Well when we get to that me and the lucky person will discuss :)

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