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I'm a 24 year old born and raised Santa Cruz local :) and I am a HUGE animal lover who personally owns quite a few rescues!! I'll rescue as many as I can afford and have the space for.

I don't personally own a horse, yet, but I do work with them and I absolutely love it!! They are one of the best choice of Therapy you could ever ask for, as are every animal of course :)

My father is a Decorated Combat Marine, Semper Fi Oohrah ;) and a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, because of his service to our country my brother and I are and have been fortunate to attend college for free! Being able to succeed at anything we want to do with no financial stress! It's been a blessing :)

I am a CVT working on my RVT and would love to become a Vet one day. I also own my own personal business as a Baby sitter/ Pet sitter and House sitter and I have amazing clients who keep me busy! :) I'm a very driven and ambitious person towards my career goals and everything I put my heart and mind to! If it's worth working for and fighting for then it's always worth going after!

I am a very sweet hearted person and I will love and care for the ones I feel are worthy of it and I believe in Family 1st over anything! I'm a big giver and a lover with a strong and stubborn mind :) I can be pretty sarcastic at times and I am known for being a big dork most of the time :) I'm kind of a nerd haha! I'm really easy going and easy to talk to. Some people have told me I should be a Therapist, because I'm a great listener and help in the best ways that I can for the ones in need. I've also been told I'm a great friend to have and a better girlfriend! I know how important it is to care and love for something or someone that's worth giving my all to!!

There is a lot more about me that I havent mentioned, so if you'd like to or want to know anything else just send me a message and we can go from there! :)

Oh and if you want to meet me by clicking the meet me button, also send me a message. What's stopping you from saying hi? Let me know you're interested, make yourself known. Even if it's just a hey or hi how's it going or how are's at least a conversation starter :) I mean that's the point of this site right? How else is one able to get to know another without talking.

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First date can start as a meet and greet for coffee or lunch at wherever we decide and then go from there. Doing something fun activity wise is always a great start too :) keeps things moving, interesting and fun!