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QueenLadyLala: Lol everybody loves my lips o.O
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Monterey, California
22 year old Mulher, 168cm, Cristã
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Army Training

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Let me be up forward to y'all, I'm really not on here to make Sex buddies, or friends with benefits..

I'm here to look for friends, and if something ends up happening from there then we work together as one.
Yet I still think it's hard to find a guy who isn't going to leave me because I don't want kids in less then 5 years and who would still be with me while I'm in the Army.

And about the Army I'm in training for it so I won't be joining till end of this year or beginning of next year..

Im 21 years old, im a fitness health coach, Im a full time student, I work at a gym call Inshape, I have my own car only thing I don't have is a house, and that is because why get my own place when I'm going to be going off to Army?? You don't like that I live with my mother that's your problem not mines.. I'm still women enough to consult my own business and do me!

A Man- is a guy who owns up to his responsibilities, take care of his women, treat his women with respect as his mother taught him, no time for games, and can make a lady smile!

A Boy-lies,cheat, disrespectful to his women, don't take care of his women, play mind games and games period!

Hit me up to know what ever else it