namewasnttaken: I'm a peacock! you gotta let me fly!
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Rialto, California
31 year old Mulher, 175cm, Religiosa
Negra/Afro-descendente Virgem com Cabelo Preto
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Dec 2013

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I play roller derby. It is a huge part of who I am. So if we hit it off, plan to show up at my bouts with sparkly signs bearing my derby name :) I'm only kinda doesn't have to be sparkly I suppose.

I love to read. I love all types of music. yes even country...shocking right? I'm not high maintenance. I'm down to throw on some tennis shoes and go hiking/fishing/biking or put on heels and a cute dress to make sure my guy is proud to be seen with me (did that sound conceited? I didn't mean for it to be) Sushi and/or exercising will instantly brighten my day. I don't need to spend tons of money to have fun and I can have a great time anywhere as long as I have good company. I find joy in thrift stores.

I'm looking for a guy that is thoughtful, considerate, funny, tall, intelligent, and has nice teeth. He does not believe that he is God's gift to women. He doesn't believe that chivalry is dead. He looks forward to lounging around with me and cracking stupid jokes just as much as going out or hanging with the guys. An HONEST man that wants to enjoy life and see/do new things. At the very least, it would be nice to get a new friend/travel buddy out of this. I need someone to help me fill up my passport! Open to race. Why limit yourself?

Too much to name, but for starters: train, drake, mumford and sons, imagine dragons, parachute, a perfect circle, Iration, 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!, florence and the machine, Dirty Heads, MGMT, NIN, milla jovovich(yes she sings), billie holiday, ed sheeran, postal service, owl city, maxwell.

Just FYI:
YOUR = Your dog is cute.
YOU'RE = You're (you are) cute.

Primeiro Encontro
It kind of bugs me when I hear that people want a quick 1st date/meeting to have an easy out such as "grab a cup of coffee". Well I happen to hate coffee. Whatever happened to making a great first impression? It doesn't have to be some heavy, intimate encounter where we're staring into each others eyes the whole time! Oh and I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to mini golf...just throwing that out there :)
(did you really make it all the way down here??)

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