Colette2010: Instagram: @kolie143
Não com Magro tipo físico
Livermore, California
29 year old Mulher, 173cm, Cristã - outra
Branca/Caucasiana, Touro
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Sobre Mim
- I am someone who wants to lead a full and loving life. I do this by literally celebrating every holiday I can. If it's Halloween, I've already picked out my costume a month prior. Or if there's a garlic festival I'm there. I tried oysters today because someone told me too, and I liked it. I've recently got into traveling, random places really, like Vegas for however long I can afford to stay. My friends laugh at this, like, I'd be excited for Kwanza even if I didn't know what it was all about.

- I love going out and being social, this includes bars, sporting events, concerts, anything I can get my hands on.

- My car slaps. I've always played my music really loud. A decent car stereo is a proper investment in my eyes.

- I have a 3 year old SON that means the world to me. He likes sunglasses and so do I, I have 25 pairs and counting.

- I know how to work hard but play harder. I'm getting my BA in Business very soon and then I'm off to law school. I have two jobs, I'm a part time server and I'm also a caregiver to those with special needs.

- Serious texters only.

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Up for discussion I'd say, I'm pretty open to adventure.

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