26 anos
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26 anos
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Mimi2468: Don't be afraid, the flying monkies are sleeping..
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Sobre Mim
::DISCLAIMER:: I am NOT a skinny person. I have not, nor have I ever been, capable of fitting into a size zero jeans. If you want someone who is skinny/thin/whatever, I am not going to be the woman you want!

If you are still reading my profile, thank you! Now please take a second, and go get a cookie, you deserve it!

My goal in life is to, naturally, take over the world, while eating an ice cream sundae. I know, I know, that is everyone else's goal, but we can all have a common interest, right?

I grew up listening to Elton John, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Richard Marx. Yes, it is quite..."different", but I think it gave me a fairly open mind when it comes to SOME music. I do not like jazz, I just...don't.

I have pets. 1 dog, and 1 cat, my cat is bigger than my dog, which sounds pitiful, but my dog also has the magical Screech of Doom, which will burst your eardrums while simultaneously liquify your brain. He will use it, if he feels it is needed, and he uses it at his own discretion. Luckily, it can be prevented, if you provide a considerable bribe, either in the way of a toy, or some other form of entertainment/food.

Food. I like food. End of story.

I am terrible when it comes to directions, I am the first to admit I could get lost in a paper bag, if I didn't have a map or GPS. Ironically, once I get lost going somewhere, I tend to know EXACTLY where it is from then on out!

I am a bit of a silly person, I don't tend to take myself too seriously, but at the same time, I do know when to be serious, just not often. I am the type though, who, at the drop of a hat, will do my best to cheer my friends up when they are down, either by swinging by their work with a milkshake, or some other awesome/slightly legal form of entertainment!

I also believe that make up is a priviledge, NOT a necessity. I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, with flip flops, until there is frost on the ground, otherwise, I tend to be barefoot. I RARELY wear any kind of make up, I know there is a method to it, but what is the point in putting on 500 layers of goop, to get the "natural" look, when I can just roll out of bed, and have that same perfection? If I'm going to wear paint on my face, F* it, I'm wearing greens, purples, things that are not my natural coloring, because it's fun!

On a slight serious note, (Buzz kill, I know) I'm looking for someone who doesn't take life too seriously, yet knows when to be a grown up, when the situation calls for it. I'm not a big party person, I went to Vegas for the first time this year, spent three days there, and I'm fine with not going back. Nothing to do there but shop, gamble, and drink, and I don't do two out of the three. I don't do well with casual dating, I'm more into serious relationships, but for the most part, I haven't found too many of those guys out there yet. Maybe you're the one, who knows?

Primeiro Encontro
I would prefer something casual, maybe go to a museum, that way it would give us a chance to have something to talk about, because we all have been there with those awkward silences! Or, we could go catch a comedy show, maybe go to the beach, whatever works, I'm easily entertained!

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