griver420: looking for fun and real
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Frankfort, Kentucky
45 year old Homem, 178cm, Não religioso
Branca/Caucasiana Peixes com Cabelo Castanho
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Sobre Mim
i have been back in ky. for almost a year now. I am looking for someone that can be one of my best friends. i don't want any drama and i really don't want any teasing. I am for real and want someone that is the same way. i have always worked hard and partied the same. Looking to do something different these days, with the exception of working hard. If you like to bring the drama, i know it all to well, and see it very quickly, and truelly won't have anything to do with it.
ok, now that's over with, yes i do have a few extra pounds, but i like to have fun, i believe that life is to short not too. i am a good hearted person, and want someone that is the same, no deciete. i don't judge and do not want to be judged. If you are someone that cannot walk into a strip club with me and have a good time, then you are probably not for me. I am looking for an open minded person, but not an open relationship. I look to the lighter side of things most of the time, making a joke about something is, in my opinion, the best way to get through it. Yes i am a smartass alot of the times, i feel its better than being a dumbass.
My likes;
riding in my jeep with the top down
playing cards
chilling with a good movie
action movies
hanging out with friends
red river gorge
playing pool, which i am very good at doing
korn, my favorite
led zepplin
3 doors down
nine inch nails
rob zombie
but i don't like country
If you are someone like me, get in touch. I really would like to have a best friend that i can hold in my arms and share things with. oh yeah, and have a blast with.

Primeiro Encontro
i am so open to what to do on a first date. it would be nice to have a mutuall decision on it, if you have children i would love to include them. Love kids, just don't have any myself.