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Branca/Caucasiana, Leão
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Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed, full of laughter and surprise. Communication and honesty. Being able to just be yourself. Sharing a candle-light dinner and a nice wine. Sunsets on the beach. Trying new things, seeing new places. Showing respect and compassion. Living each day to it's fullest. Enjoying who you are. Good friends are hard to come by especially honest and caring ones. Life is too short not to enjoy, great movies, plenty of laughter romantic picnics and traveling to new adventures and places. Life is always a gamble but what a waste if you don't take chances and enjoy living. So, do you like to laugh? Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you like to hold hands and kiss? Do you like to cook? What more can anyone ask for?

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Okay hopping on your private jet for dinner in Paris but lets get real.....First dates are the worst. They are awkward, both of you are nervous, if one doesn't put their foot in the mouth the other one does. You never know what to say. When you think you do it is normally wrong. So my choice would be something really casual, and comfortable like taking a walk and actually being able to talk to each other and get to know each other. You feel like you are on a time schedule having coffee. Coffee is done time to go. :) Maybe email a few times until you just have to meet the person you have gotten to know through emailing and take it from there......Lunch can also be a very pleasant way to get acquianted.

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