Age: 37
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Age: 33
Relacionamento Sério
__belle: Elegant,Affectionate,Fun,Attractive,Intelligent
Não com Atlético tipo físico
Cupertino, California
36 year old Mulher, 163cm, Outra
Asiática, Capricórnio
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High Tech


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Necessidades Incompleto Química Incompleto
Você bebe? Não Quer ter filhos? Indeciso/Talvez
Estado Civil Solteiro(a) Usa drogas? Não
Cor de Cabelo Preto Cor dos Olhos Castanho
Tem carro? Sim Tem filhos? Não
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Bicho de Estimação Não tenho  

Sobre Mim
I'm happy with life and grateful for many things, and would like to find someone special to share the joy with.

Born and raised in big cities and a country girl at heart, I like both indoor and outdoor activities. I'm an awed spectator of live performance, curious explorer of the great outdoors, self-proclaimed cook with farmer's market finds, and aspiring dancer along Latin tempos.

A passionate traveler, I have been to Provence to polish my French, and to Asia to volunteer in an organic farm. I'm looking for a partner in crime to travel the world with. Will it be you ?

Emotionally secure and physically fit, I was born into a loving family and was brought up in a nice manner and with good values. I’m lighthearted and an easy laugher. If life gives me a lemon, make lemonade. If it's raining...? Kiss in it!

I’m a girly girl who likes to work out and an avid learner who reads and reflects to nurture her inner being. Volunteering makes me feel like I'm giving back to the community. I enjoy my balanced, fulfilling and wholesome life.

I like to make people feel relaxed and can be who they are in my company. For my optimistic, caring and easy-going personality, my friends describe me as a breeze of spring.

Are you looking for me just as I'm looking for you, a romantic partner and best friend in life? Let's connect!

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A lighthearted and fun conversation over a casual dinner, at a public place nice enough to dress up a little and quiet enough to talk.

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