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Lowell, Arkansas
32 year old Mulher, 175cm, Metodista
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Well after being on here awhile.. I have almost decided what a waste of time this thing is! If you can't spell the simple words correctly please don't contact me! And yes, I am far from perfect but hopefully I will find someone I could be perfect for!

Well I'm just seeing what's out there... Just like everyone else in this world would love to find an amazing man to settle down with... Taking it slow and steady. I do want a man that's stable ..Funny... Smart.. I kinda dig smartass men that can dish it out but also take it. I like the outdoors as long as there is a shower close by...Love the hogs!!!! WPS!!!!!!

I have one child she is 12 and my complete world. Hence why I'm on here... I work a lot... Don't really do the bar thing unless it's a sports bar... I love to laugh.. I love music but can't sing at all!! So remember you were warned.. anyway if you wanna know more just ask. Good luck on your search!

Proper grammar is a good thing!!

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Whatever we agree on... It's different with each person :-)

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