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Sobre Mim
I am constantly changing; a work in progress. I believe that life is divine chaos and we all have experiences that shape who we are today and who we are meant to become.
I try to remain positive and instill optimism in others. I want to be remembered as the girl who could brighten your day even if I couldn't brighten my own.
I have had a hard life, but I don't let it get me down. I get back on the horse and ride with the direction of the wind. Life is a journey, not a destination. I try to breathe, appreciate the small things, laugh, love, forgive myself and others, learn from mistakes and enjoy the ride!
I am strong, determined and successful in many aspects. I am a lover not a fighter, but I fight for what I love. I love to have fun and will do my best to help others have fun also!!
God blessed me with a great singing talent and I love music that touches the soul. It is rare I perform, but when I do, look out! :-)
I am feisty, athletic, competitive, but also a sweetheart, loving, affectionate and a cuddler! If you respect me and don't judge me, I will give you the same in return. If you do the opposite, so shall I. I live by the Golden Rule and always try to do what's considered "right."
I am not gorgeous, but I am beautiful inside and out, because I know my flaws and embrace them. I hate superficiality.
Life is WAY too short and I have experienced it first hand. My mother was my hero and I try to make her proud every day. I am a deeply emotional animal lover because they are so innocent, loyal and dependant. I also can't wait to have a family of my own someday.
I have always been in a relationship since I was 14 and just recently got burned pretty badly, but I am trying to trust again and put myself out there. I HATE games, so if you like to play them, don't bother to contact me.
I am down to earth, smart, fun-loving, honest, caring and a unique woman in many ways. I am looking for someone who can treat a unique woman the way she deserves. :-)
I love the outdoors, playing sports, watching movies, reading, singing, hanging out with friends and traveling. I'm always the life of the party, so you better know how to have fun, but keep it responsible. :-) I'm ready to just meet some new people and see where it goes.

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Depends on the person and what they like to do!! I'm very easy-going and like everything. I love a good dining experience, so that's always a good start.

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