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Richmond, California
32 year old Mulher, 180cm, Outra
Parda/Mulata, Touro
1DarlingNikki27 quer sair e conhecer mas nada sério.
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Sobre Nicole
Well ladies, it's been fun, but not real fun so I'm outta here and getting rid of this wasted space app on my phone. If you run across this find me on FB: Nicole Green or IG: DARLING_NIKKI23

Take care ladies and good luck on your fishing....remember, catch dreams NOT catfish ;)

Hmm let's see about me...I'm a woman with sense of humor, very open-minded, patient, kind, observant (therefore somewhat reserved.) I aim to please! I'm a giver, not a taker. I like to have fun indoors and out (whatever your mind sets to.) I'll try anything to make someone laugh, laughter is music to me. No drama please, I did that in high school. I'm just ready for some true action, no head games. I'm very spiritual, I don't mind sitting and wasting time just talking about life, you wanna meditate together? We can do that too! Kama Sutra? Sure, why not!! :-P lol.....I'm an excellent listener for anybody that just needs to get whatever it is off their chest, if you want feedback I'm your gal, if not then I will gladly shut up and just listen too. You got some built up aggressions? Take it out on me! Uhhmmm, in a lover, NOT a fighter kind of way ;-)

If any of this makes you go "hmmm" or puts a smile on your face, don't just wonder about me, SEND ME A MESSAGE ;)

Also, I'm not looking to experiment or be anyone elses experiment either so if you're just curious I am NOT the one, sorry.

Primeiro Encontro
Anything that helps to break the ice...an activity of some sort, bowling maybe, a museum, I've always wanted to go on a zoo date, a picnic might be nice followed by a nature walk, a painting class, wine/beer/spirits tasting, cooking class, art exhibit, go-karts, miniature golf...ghost hunting, treasure hunting, hey you name it! ;) These are just some ideas, but the list may go on...I love movies BUT I've learned the hard way that movie dates just don't work out, you can't talk during a movie right? Movie dates are way too easy! LOL So maybe keep that as a 2nd or 3rd date option...(' ')

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