Age: 30
Age: 29
Kotory: Some one to make me feel safe
Não com Normal tipo físico
Indianapolis, Indiana
27 year old Mulher, 152cm, Outra
Branca/Caucasiana, Virgem
Kotory quer sair e conhecer mas nada sério.
Ensino Médio Completo
Amante de animais
Airfield management

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Sobre Mim
Well where do I start, well I'm 25, I'm 5 feet tall, auburn hair, and hazel eyes. I love to cook and read, those are the main two things I like to do on my time off. I have few but vary close friends. Though I may only have a few I do spend most of my time with them, tho I know how to manage my time between friends and the one I'm with. I'm usually vary, how do I say this, hyper and happy, usually up for just about anything. I'm the kind of girl that can enjoy anywhere from fishing to going out to a club to just sitting at home with pizza and a movie. I love musicals so warning I will randomly start to sing a song from one, laugh if you will but I love them. I love horror, comedy, action, mystery, and the occasional chick flick but those are far and few in between. I love animals even spiders and snakes. I grew up around my step-dad, so I inherited his wonderful mastery of the french language, well lets make that a few choice words. Well, if there's anything that I didn't cover, i ended up rambling on here so I'm not sure that there's not much I didn't cover, just ask. I'm happily in a polyamorous relationship, don't know what that is? Ask me.

Primeiro Encontro
It would just depend on the night, and how I'm feeling. I love to go do new things and go to new places. Nothing too fancy at all. I'm not the girl who absolutely has to be wined and dined. A simple day at a park or a movie would sound good. Or going out with some of both our friends sounds fun to me.

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