ohmelissadear: Courage over fear.
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Daly city, California
24 year old Mulher, 160cm, Católica
Asiática, Capricórnio
ohmelissadear quer sair e conhecer mas nada sério.
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Sobre Mim
Conquering the world with my smiles & laughter with the optimism view of the world even though in reality it is cruel. I will always be a Cali girl.

During my leisure time, I take time to enjoy the day by photographing the beauty of what this world has to give. Also, baking & cooking is my passion. I want to travel some day. I love love trying out new places & criticizing the food they offer.

I am ready to embrace what this world has to offer, whether it may be good or bad. Things happen for a reason.

I prefer staying in while cuddling my guy over a party. I'm an absolute geek & romantic.

More? Message me then silly.

Questions: ask.fm/dearmelissaanne
Instagram: dearmelissaanne
Kik: message me your ID :)

Primeiro Encontro
As much as I would make this descriptive, it doesn't really matter because plans usually don't work out that way. Do not impress me; be yourself. The way I know you as.

But most of the time, I'd pick picnic in the park any moment. Awesome view spot to lay down at. Frolick to the field. Stargaze in the streets. Drive-in movie.

There is so much things to do on a date but do not bring me on a fancy restaurant, that's a no no at all.