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LillyK: There is nothing out there....
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North highlands, California
47 year old Mulher, 155cm, Religiosa
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I hate sushi any kind fish ok got that out of the way i love long drivesWalking in old townsLove being with family and getting away from them too

Sobre Mim
I am just me..not too unique, the girl next door. Honest, caring and upfront. No lies or misleading. So PLEASE only serious suitor's need to apply. No flakes..
I have 2 children, daughter 24,, son 17 and they are both Awesome kids.
Music.. there are so many different kinds out there, so I would say: what mood am I in and that's what I would listen too. Favorite color is Orange.. beverage, diet pepsi.. food, Mexican. Tv channels SyFy, TNT, USA..etc.
I just love the unrealistic images (some) men have of, Down to earth, girl next door, etc... we are all not 5'10", 120lbs, blonde hair, blue eyed. Take a chance, something worth while may come out of a 5'1" 185lbs, brown hair, brown eyed. I do color my hair, changes all the time depends on my mood. Not that I don't like my original color, it's just I'm not ready for gray..lol
And we are all looking for THAT SPECIAL ONE....
Really sucks when your superficial, you miss out on Real Women.
The Ones with no profile picture.. What are U hiding.??????? Oh yeah... Not looking for a hook-up or one night stand. Looking for the real thing. Y is Sushi an interest on some profiles. I'm not high class, just everyday girl. No need to contact me if your into sex chat.

Primeiro Encontro
It could be anything, planned or spontaneous, dinner and a movie or long drive to see the ocean. Even a coffee meet, but I don't think that gives you a chance to see what their like, but if your into just listening to someone talk then a coffee meet would be what your looking to do.( I just don't eat any kind of fish). Whatever tickles our fancy.

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