Sfgiantsgirl85: all i need is honesty, a giants game wouldn't hurt
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Sobre Mim
I love going to giants games, grabbing a drink or seeing movies with friends.

I love punk music, country, some pop and a little hiphop.

I absolutely love Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn movies, if you get to know me better I will randomly talk like anchorman, and recite lines from the movies. Also Super Troopers was a phenomenal movie.

I love sushi. Amici's pizza, the counter, Shabuway, Chinese, Italian, harry's hofbrau.

I enjoy scary movies, especially the ones that are over the top and end up being hilarious. I also like comedies, like Anchorman, Wedding Crashers obviously since I do recite the lines from them lol. I'm kinda a big deal here, people know me...I have many leatherbound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

I have a very close-knit family and some of my cousins are my best friends, I have 5 very best friends who I try and find time to hang out with at least once a week.

What I know.....
1) people with tattoos generally add 80% to their hotness - :)
2) If you dress up as a clown around me I will hit you with a bat ( I am deathly afraid of them)
3) Facebook is my crack
4) If you value my friendship don't be a flake, also don't be a flake in general nobody likes a flake

I don't want to say too much here, one might get disinterested :o)

Primeiro Encontro
Dinner or lunch and the batting cages.

Coffee or froyo and a walk in the park.

An awesome Giants game or watching it at a local bar.

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