Horsegal111: Luck O the Irish to Ya!
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I am not really sure about what to write, but I will start with this. All of my pictures are recent, I am 44yrs old and am fit and athletic. I am happy in my life and am not your "normal" chick. I don't work in an office, I work in a barn. I don't have any kids, but I enjoy being around them. I am very optimistic and see my glass as half full. I prefer people who have a positive and upbeat outlook on life. I would like to get to know someone and see where it leads.
I have done a good bit of traveling, and it is something that I enjoy doing when time allows.

In my free time some of the many things I enjoy are bike riding, hiking my dog, going to sporting events, horse races, live theater, concerts, fund raisers, and other events. Time with friends and family are what I value most and some of the best times I have had thus far have been spontaneous road trips and finding great deals at auctions and antique shops.

If I have caught your eye or said something that sounds interesting or appealing drop me a line. Did you just click the lets meet box? How about a note instead ??

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Lets meet up for a coffee or snack and just have a chat to see if we get along. I believe a guy should make the first move and ask the girl out.

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