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No fumador com Grande
Aberdeen, Maryland
50 year old Mulher, 168cm, Nova Era
Branca/Caucasiana Câncer com Cabelo Loiro
marykay6 Quer sair e conhecer mas nada sério

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Sobre mary
I prefer to be a mystery.....But i like to camp, fish, dance, football, UFC, romance,etc. I would like to live at the beach 1 day....I am very unique and different. Im a rocker, but I like almost all music.And I am a night person, night owl, vampire, anyway you want to put it. I don t do 1 night stands.. I am 49,. Im not a model. everybody is looking for perfection,it aint here. Everybody wants that love at 1st sight....... I ll do me, you do you........and I wish you a peaceful journey.

Read this poem at your own risk.......ha

I am a wild woman, I know inspite of myself and in spite of what ive been told that there is beauty in every age no matter how old.
Ive learned what it means to be a life bearer to bear children to create art to plant seeds of love.
from the depths of dirt underneath my fingernails to the height of my very souli am 1 w/ the earth the winds from the 4 directions whisper thru my skin
the spirit of every wild woman coalesces in me for we are each wild woman we are the spirit of wild woman and will follow the voice in my heart.
I sing from my heart I dance w/ the stars I howl at the moon I luv uncontrollably.
from the deepest most sacred part of me I am fearless I cry in strength I open my arms to the sky and welcome the rain.
I luv nurture and protect I stand strongly silently sweetly for my brothers walk dutifully prayerfully joyfully upon the mother I will not be stopped

Primeiro Encontro
My 1st date would depend on the person.........I would like to see what there interests are 1st. Maybe meet for a cup of tea.....Or go for a walk in the park.....or ride around w/ the sunroof open......loud music, wind blowing thru your hair......or just talk or make out like teenagers, INNOCENTLY, ha. And I love sushi....

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