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MarlenaM: wants a man without an ankle monitor older than 48
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Orangevale, California
49 year old Mulher, 178cm, Não religiosa
Branca/Caucasiana Libra com Cabelo de várias cores
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homeless advocate

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile...

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Sobre Marlena
I am a sweet, well adjusted stable woman with a greater than fair amount of kink in my heart. ;)
I'm looking for a local guy...local is within 15 miles of me.
I am only interested in an ANR.
Please don't contact me if you aren't ANR experienced or long time interested.

I dig on trying new and different things as often as I can.
Just want a nice life, peace and quiet, minimal bs and even less drama - unless it's someone elses drama then I will watch all day!

Please do not message me with ANY sexually suggestive language, remarks, offers or comments about my anatomy or in general.
If you do send a message with ANYTHING of this nature to me I will forward them to Markus and your profile will be flagged, your account closed.
Same goes for profanity and obscenity!

I have an excellent job!
I can't believe I actually get paid for the work I do!

I am an Absinthe connoisseur.
I will only dance with the green fairy from Switzerland! ;)

At 5'10" I'm Rubenesque with nice long legs.
I joined a gym and I go 5 days a week.
I am a total witch when I'm sweaty so no I do not want to go to the gym with you.
I'm trying to learn how to golf. TRYING...;)
It's not as easy as it looks, is it?

I don't like conflict, arguing and discord.
I will go out of my way to avoid these things.
Basically I just go along with things-within reason!

Not a lot bothers me for too long.
It takes a lot to shock or offend me.
Nothing really even pisses me off.

Please do not contact me if you are young enough to be my son.
I am not the cougar type and I do not want to be your mommy!
No age is NOT just a number!
Stop interrupting son, you will NOT talk me into ANYTHING if you are under 45.

My children are all grown adults. I did my time.
I am looking forward to a future WITHOUT very young or small children.
However...I dig grandchildren! Mine, yours, whose ever!
They are our reward for a job well done as parents!

I am extremely bright and don't have a lot of patience for...
beating around the bush
substance abusers
people who lack integrity
or people who use words like always, never and forever
and men who are married BUT separated, only together because of the kids, finances or whatever.
Run that drag elsewhere please.

People who want to trample on the constitution irritate the hell out of me though.
Screw gun control...a good guy/gal with a gun beats 911 any day of the week!

I am very disappointed with obama.
I feel he is an embarrassment and has made our great country into an international laughingstock.
I feel he is a complete idiot and was only elected because he is black.
I mean come on...you know he is the spoon hiding out in the knife drawer when...RUSSIA becomes the voice of REASON!
RUSSIA?! Warmongering KINGS of the world Russia...now telling US how to behave to keep the peace?!
You have to KNOW Ronald Reagan is doing BACK FLIPS in his grave right now!
No I am not a registered Republican but I sure didn't vote Democrat this past election.
I don't HATE obama. I don't like him enough to hate him. I nothing him.
He's a failure...plain and simple.
He was given EVERY opportunity to help his people.
He was given the ultimate honor...PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
He was given the Nobel Peace Prize even though he didn't earn it.
He was given EVERYTHING to make things better.
But he failed.
He lied to his people.
He knowingly got those boys in Benghazi murdered and not only DIDN'T TRY TO STOP IT...HE CALLED THE MILITARY OFF WHEN THEY TRIED!
He borrowed money from China.
He's decided that he will do what he wants with or WITHOUT congress.
He's trampled all over our constitution...you know the one our forefathers DIED fighting to uphold!
He's spent MILLIONS of OUR hard earned tax dollars on VACATIONS for his unemployed wife...no job-what does she need a vacation from?
Now he blames his falling approval ratings on his race! How cheap is that!
It's not because he's black...it's because he's a FAILURE.

Don't contact me if all you want to do is argue politics...I will just embarrass you.

I'm not looking for a one night stand or FWB or any NSA crap so save your breath.
I won't have sex with you or engage in ANY KIND of sexual activity with you the first time we meet either so don't ask me to...
...I will have to be mean and hurt your feelings.
Probably even scar your psyche.
After which I will report your behavior to Markus so your profile can be flagged and your account deleted so you can't use this site as your personal hook up site in the future.

Oh yeah...couples?
...stop it.
Same with chicks. Nothing wrong with same gender sex/love...just not my thing. So stop it. Please.

What's up with all this poly marriage/relationship BS?
Does your wife/partner KNOW this is the type of relationship she is in? I'm thinking she probably doesn't.
So yeah...count me out there as well please.
Say it with me...MONOGAMOUS.

Sarcasm is NOT attractive...it really isn't.

However a sense of humor, compassion, tolerance and patience are incredibly magnetic to me.
Men who are on good terms with their exes and close to their families are very attractive as well!

Please PLEASE don't wear make up!
Yes a guy wearing more make up than most broads just messaged me.
Don't message me if you do...even I have a weirdness bar and that would not clear it!
Wearing women's panties...yes. Wearing makeup...no!

...please don't contact me if all you wanna do is talk about sex or ask about my anatomy and could you see it...this is the 21st century there is an entire Internet full of free porn for that kind of thing!

Thank you so much! :)

Oh yeah...
No one has my permission at any time to use my profile whole or in part or my pictures or images for anything at anytime on any site this site include.
If you or anybody does I will get a lawyer and bring down legal ramifications like God brought down the locusts on Pharoah.
Got it? Good.

Primeiro Encontro
Laugh and see the humor in what we are doing here in the first place!

Go for a walk at the river maybe hmmmmm? Or that proverbial coffee thing! :)

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