23 anos
dday07: See you in another life, brother
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Mansfield, Ohio
25 year old Homem, 178cm, Não religioso
Branca/Caucasiana Capricórnio com Cabelo Preto
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Técnico Incompleto
Maintenance Mechanic

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Sobre Dustin
I am very goal oriented.. I have a 4 year old boy who means the world to me, he is my pride and joy. I work upwards of 60 hours a week at my job as a general maintenance mechanic on midnights. Just finished school and now have about 5 certifications for various electrical and programming fields. I am a country boy at heart. I drive a truck, ride a harley and live back in the woods. I'm always looking for something to do. My spare time right now is usually spent out in the yard mowing or taking care of my moms house. Also getting the garden ready and pool ready. Family is important to me as well. I am looking for someone career and goal oriented, as well as family oriented. I am a big time joker, I love to fool around and goof off but know how to be serious. I am one of the most down to earth level headed guys you will meet.

Primeiro Encontro
First date would probably be driving to dinner, or meeting somewhere to get to know one another better