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cutecheesehead: Life is too short for BS.
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Where to begin?..LOL...First and foremost, Ive realized no one reads this section. I am goofy, I have a corny sense of humor, I love laughing, and making people laugh..I am serious 10 hours a day at work, and occasionally the silliness in me can no longer be contained! I get along with EVERYONE, I have never made an enemy, I am a LOVER not a fighter, I dont argue, I think that having an opinion is COOL and will respect you for it, whether I agree with it or not...I read BOOKS, I love News Television, I am a Democrat, I give to charity and do volunteer work, Im sarcastic, I have tattoos that I do not regret inthe least tiny bit, I believe in Karma, I hate poor spelling, and I believe in knowing and caring about what is happening in the world around me...Ignorance is NOT bliss...believe it!

If youre still with me...I moved here from the RAINY Northwest, so am thrilled to be in the Bay Area! I am LOVING the new places and new faces, and am just all out DIGGIN' my surroundings! I am a pretty laid back woman, I dont do a lot of stress and drama..I mean, isnt life a little short for all that?

Dont Hate me because I'm a Packer Backer! I LOVE the NFL and am a HUGE Packers fan..Nope, Im not from Wisconsin...Ive just had exceptionally great taste in football since I was 5 years old! (thanks Dad!)I talk a lot of trash all year 'round..LOL..but if youre a HATER, no need to stop by and throw insults..and if you do?..I can guarantee you wont get a returm email.

Please dont email me if you are "In town for the weekend"...Im not a hooker, nor do I aspire to be one. If you dont have a picture, get one..a 4 year old knows how to use a camera phone. If youre "seperated"...just...No. If you have shirtless photos..No. Im very approachable, so if youre first email consists of..."hi" "hey""hi sexy""your hot" or "your cute" and thats all you come up with..No. If that all sounds B*tchy, I apologize...I mean no disrespect...but you Get what you give fellas. ;-)

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Whatever happens it will be memorable Im sure.

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